Virtual Events & Exhibitions

Virtual Events & Exhibitions

Virtual Events

Virtual Events & Exhibitions are growing in popularity, especially as the world continues to deal with the effects of COVID19. Fortunately, technological advancements have made it possible to host amazing online/virtual events that rival in-person versions.

A virtual event, also known as an online event, is an interactive gathering that happens virtually, on the internet.

Unlike in-person events, virtual ones aren’t restricted to a single location.

A remote attendee can join and participate from anywhere in the world, given he or she has access to the world wide web aka internet.
Exhibitions refer to organized events or displays that showcase objects, products, or artworks for public viewing. Exhibitions can be held in various settings such as museums, galleries, convention centers, and other public spaces, and can be temporary or permanent. They are usually curated around a particular theme or subject matter and often include interpretive materials such as labels, audio guides, and catalogues to provide context and information to the visitors.

Exhibitions can be designed to educate, entertain, or promote a particular product, service, or idea. They can also be used to showcase the work of artists or designers, or to celebrate the history, culture, or achievements of a particular group or community.
Exhibitions can take various forms, including solo or group shows, interactive installations, trade shows, or festivals. They offer opportunities for visitors to engage with new ideas and perspectives, to learn, and to be inspired.

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Sharmaine Rose Selvakumar

Great Team to work with…


Kapil Sabharwal

Agile Agency, Puts Clients Interest first, Open to exploring new options, Volunteered to help in Extra Items, We were mighty impressed with Qwinzi’s delivery…

GMR - Delhi

Rachel Lewis

Very helpful generally and understood the levels of service we wish to provide to our clients



Completely Dependable – Team Qwinzi was amazing. Flexible, Eye to Detail, great Client Servicing. All the customers were so happy with the event.

Questra World – Spain

Puja Tewary

Amazing team to work with. They never say no to any Last-Minute requests. Flawless Execution of multiple events across India.

Bloomberg Philanthropies - UK

Amrit Raj

I have No Doubts in recommending Qwinzi Experiences for curating any Event. The team made our experience so smooth that we completely forgot that we are the Organizing team. Zero complaints in 300 guests.